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An all-inclusive clinic

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy is a specialization focused on the evaluation and treatment of muscular, skeletal, and neurological disorders. The physical therapy staff at Andersen Physical Therapy is complete with highly-trained individuals who strive to provide excellent care in California's Stanislaus County. 

Hand Therapy  

Our Hand Therapy and Rehabilitation Program, directed by Certified Hand Therapist Jolene Anderson, OTR/L, was established in 1997 at Andersen Physical Therapy. Jolene has over thirty years of experience working with repetitive motion injuries; traumatically-injured, surgically-repaired upper extremities; and diverse congenital anomalies.

Aquatic Therapy

Our facility offers two aquatic options: a warm therapeutic pool (90-92 degrees) and an underwater treadmill. Our state-of-the-art Hydroworx is an underwater treadmill that allows patients who are partial weight bearing to walk while maintaining their restrictions or provide a unique rehab option for the higher level patients. 

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